The Police authorities have taken delivery of various vehicle types from Wilker, such as ANPR vehicles, beat cars, mobile communication vehicles, canine & public order vehicles, prisoner transport vehicles and crime scene investigation (“CSI”) special purpose vehicles. We also supply armed response vehicles and other bespoke vehicles.

The company offers canine handling trailers, outfitted with features to ensure the safe transportation of police dogs to and from operational locations. Wilker also provides prisoner transport vehicles, designed to securely and efficiently transport detainees while ensuring the safety of both officers and individuals in custody. Furthermore, the company delivers crime scene investigation (CSI) special purpose vehicles, equipped with state-of-the-art forensic equipment and facilities to support the collection and analysis of evidence at crime scenes.

Through their provision of these specialized vehicles, Wilker plays a vital role in enhancing the capabilities and effectiveness of police forces in responding to a wide range of operational challenges and ensuring public safety and security.

  • This product offering is mainly focused on police services int the UK and Ireland.
  • This product range spans a wide variety of vehicles, such as CSI vehicles, Police Support Unit vehicles (PSU), canine units, road policing vehicles and beat cars.


Police Beat Cars

Public Order Vehicles