The final category consists of Welfare, CCTV Drainage and other vehicles supplied to local authorities and commercial businesses. This has been identified as a growth area for Wilker.

Wilker has identified a growing demand for a diverse range of vehicles within the welfare, CCTV drainage, and other sectors, particularly from local authorities and commercial businesses. In response to this trend, the company has expanded its offerings to cater to these specific needs, marking this category as a key growth area for Wilker.

Within the welfare segment, Wilker provides vehicles tailored to support various community and social services initiatives. These may include mobile welfare units equipped with facilities to provide essential services to vulnerable populations or remote work sites. Additionally, the company offers vehicles designed to facilitate outreach programs, such as mobile clinics or support centers, enabling local authorities and organizations to extend their services to communities in need.

In the CCTV drainage sector, Wilker supplies vehicles equipped with specialized equipment for inspecting and maintaining drainage systems. These vehicles are essential for local authorities and utility companies to ensure the efficient operation of infrastructure networks and to address issues such as blockages or leaks promptly.

Furthermore, Wilker caters to other specialized vehicle requirements of local authorities and commercial businesses. This may include vehicles designed for specific purposes such as environmental monitoring, utility maintenance, or emergency response. By diversifying its product offerings to encompass these sectors, Wilker demonstrates its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its customers and capitalizing on new growth opportunities in the market.

  • This product range encompasses welfare vehicles and CCTV drainage vehicles.
  • Welfare vehicles are those used on road construction sites etc., that contain toilets and a small canteen area in the rear of the vehicle with a sink and microwave for staff.
  • CCTV drainage vehicles are used in urban areas for various municipal services and commercial businesses.

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