Wilker has established itself as a key provider of specialized vehicles to the Military in both Ireland and the UK. Their offerings encompass a diverse array of vehicles tailored to military operations and logistical requirements. Wilker provides specialist vehicles to the Military in Ireland and the UK with a variety of personnel carriers, crew-cab vehicles, and other specialist conversions. We also supply bomb disposal, dive response vehicles and arm storage response vehicles.

Among these are personnel carriers designed to transport troops safely and efficiently in various terrains and operational environments. Additionally, Wilker supplies crew-cab vehicles equipped to accommodate military personnel while ensuring optimal comfort and functionality during missions. Furthermore, the company offers a range of other specialist conversions, addressing specific military needs such as equipment transport, command and control, and tactical support. Through their commitment to delivering high-quality, purpose-built vehicles, Wilker plays a vital role in supporting the operational readiness and effectiveness of military forces in the region.

  • Wilker has won significant contracts from the Ministry of Defence in the UK and the Department of Defence in Ireland.
  • This involves production of fit-for-purpose vehicles for specialised teams, such as bomb disposal units, diving teams, NATO vehicles, communication vehicles and specialist conversions all designed in line with the end-customer’s scope.