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Ambulance Sector

Company History

Founded in 1953. Auto Conversions Ltd. is legal name. 25 Years in Ambulance Sector. Headquartered in Co. Offaly, Ireland

3 Operating Companies

  • Auto Conversions Ltd
  • Wilker UK Ltd
  • AJ Engineering Ltd
  • Wilker UK Operations based at Sandbach, Cheshire

Wilker UK is wholly owned by Auto Conversions Ltd. (T/A trading as Wilker). Has been in business since 2000.

Manchester based AJES specializes in POLICE Sector

June 2016 – Collaboration with Dubai based TVC (The Vehicle Converters).

25,000 sq ft – Ireland/ 22,000 sq ft – UK. UK facility being expanded in Q4

Profitable and not highly leveraged

CAPEX includes ongoing spend on CEN and WVTA