A heritage that spans more than 50 years and a passion to lead the way in innovative vehicle design and customer support services are at the very heart of the Wilker Group culture.

The company developed its renowned technical abilities through the design and build of advanced frontline and support vehicle applications to the emergency services and now operates from two main divisions, the Clara manufacturing plant in Ireland and the Sandbach plant in the UK.

While recognised as the manufacturer of choice for emergency vehicle applications, Wilker are also leaders in the design and build of a full range of cost effective vehicle applications to meet the rigors of everyday life. Growing demand has helped us to develop into a leading specialist vehicle manufacturer to the UK and Irish markets.

Our message is simple. Work with a partner you can trust, one who will share more than 50 years of knowledge and experience, one who will deliver the right vehicle solution to meet your business expectation and operational demand.

Our Values

At the core of the Wilker Group’s values lies a rich heritage spanning over five decades, coupled with an unwavering commitment to pioneering vehicle design and top-tier customer support services. Rooted in a profound passion for innovation, our culture embodies a relentless drive to set new standards in the industry. Our journey began with the development of cutting-edge vehicle applications for emergency services, a testament to our unparalleled technical expertise. Today, operating from our Clara manufacturing plant in Ireland and the Sandbach plant in the UK, we continue to uphold these values, leveraging our experience and forward-thinking approach to deliver excellence in every aspect of our operations.

  • Leading specialist vehicle converter with Headquarters and conversion facility in Clara,  Offaly, Ireland and two facilities near Manchester in the UK at Sandbach, Cheshire (Wilker UK) and Openshaw, Manchester (AJES).
  • Established in 1953, Wilker has evolved into one of the largest vehicle converters in UK and Ireland with 181 direct employees
  • Servicing markets in Ireland, the UK and further afield;
  • Strong position in the Ambulance & Healthcare vehicle conversion market in Ireland.
  • Very strong position in UK serving NHS Trusts & Police Forces throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • Leading position in certain commercial sectors, such as Welfare and CCTV Drainage vehicles.
  • Experienced in designing and delivering vehicles to other geographies such as the Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Cyprus and the Middle East.
  • Wilker has all the required credentials for EU certification and accreditation standards.

Story To Date

Conversion Facilities

Wilker Ireland

Location: Frederick Street,
Clara, Co. Offaly
Overall plant size: 2.62 acres
Conversion facility size: 2,323 m2

Wilker UK

Location: Units 1&2 Millbuck Park,
Millbuck Way,
Springvale Industrial Estate, Sandbach,
Cheshire Overall plant size: 2.28 acres Conversion facility size: 3,521 m2

AJ Engineering Services

Location: Unit 12,
Clayton Court City Works, Openshaw, Manchester M11 2NB, United Kingdom Overall plant size: 0.29 acres Conversion facility size: 1,166 m2

Company Structure

Wilker comprises of Auto Conversions Limited, Wilker UK Limited and AJ Engineering Services Limited

Auto Conversions Limited
Employee No’s: 84

Wilker UK Limited
Employee No’s: 74

AJ Engineering Services Limited
Employee No’s: 23

Customer Base Stretches beyond Ireland & UK