Wilker is best known for its ambulance conversions (both box bodies and vans), where it entered the Irish market in the 1970s. Wilker now offers a broader range of vehicle conversions to the health services, such as Patient Transport (“PTS”) vehicles, a particularly large sector in UK, with intermediate care (“ICV”) vehicles and other conversions forming part of their wider Ambulance & Healthcare product range.

Wilker first gained renown for its expertise in ambulance conversions, initially focusing on both box bodies and vans, marking its debut in the Irish market during the 1970s. Over the years, Wilker has evolved to cater to a wider spectrum of needs within the healthcare sector. In addition to their signature ambulance conversions, they now offer a comprehensive range of vehicle conversions tailored to the specific requirements of health services. One significant aspect of their expansion is the provision of Patient Transport Vehicles (PTVs), catering to the substantial demand in the UK market. Moreover, Wilker has diversified its offerings to include Intermediate Care Vehicles (ICVs) and various other conversions, all of which contribute to their extensive Ambulance & Healthcare product range. This strategic diversification underscores Wilker’s commitment to providing versatile solutions that address the evolving needs of healthcare providers and emergency services.


  • This grouping includes a range of product offerings, such as chassis and box body ambulances and van conversions, Patient Transport Services (PTS) and Intermediate Care (“ICV”) Vehicles.
  • PTS and ICV are part of Wilker’s ‘not for first responders’ range, with the ICV being new to the Irish Ambulance Service.
  • PTS vehicles form a significant part of the UK market and are used in the transport of patients for treatment and can be equipped for wheelchair, seated or stretchered passengers.
  • ICVs are typically used in inter-hospital and inter-facility transport of patients in line with bed management and discharge policies.
  • Ambulance & Healthcare vehicles are designed in-line with the end-customer’s scope, and can include customisations such as sliding door, box size, ramp/lift, extra windows for PTS vehicles etc.








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